Helping those Who Help Others: Observing National Nonprofit Day

Aug 16, 2021Blog

Picture of a volunteer with his arms crossed for blog on observing National Nonprofit DayNonprofit organizations are essential to the success of a healthy and happy community. In honor of National Nonprofit Day, which is observed every year on August 17, we’re highlighting the positive work that these groups perform for their communities, while also focusing on the services we provide to ensure they continue to accomplish their goals.

This day was designed to draw attention to nonprofit organizations that are consistently doing good work in the communities they serve. Whether it’s feeding the hungry, building homes for those in need or participating in neighborhood revitalization efforts, nonprofit organizations play a vital role in providing critical services that contribute to economic stability.

Nonprofit and Not-For-Profit Representation

For more than five decades, our attorneys have represented a variety of nonprofit and not-for-profit companies. While similar, these two types of organizations are slightly different: nonprofits are formed to explicitly benefit the public good and are run like a business, while not-for-profits exist to fulfill an owner’s organizational objective with no goal of earning revenue.

We help both types of organizations across a range of focus areas, such as the development and financing of assisted housing, community development projects, neighborhood community centers and economic development efforts.

Some of the organizations we have provided general counsel and guidance to include:

  • The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Inc.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.
  • The Salvation Army

Our lawyers use their expertise to help charitable organizations with everything from determining their structure to filing formation documents, reviewing contracts, advising on charitable solicitations, delivering guidance on tax-related issues and advising on potential litigation.

Helping You Help Others

If you operate a nonprofit or not-for-profit company, you want to work with a law firm experienced in this specialized arena to avoid the errors, mistakes and missed opportunities organizations like yours commonly encounter. Contact us today to learn more.